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Hallucinations Or Reality

Sanity, insanity, madness. Less than 200 years ago I would have been burnt at the stake for being a witch or warlock. The shear fact that I was kept alive to write this book is a miracle in itself and shows how far medical science has come from those black days of ritual offerings. This is a true story based on the Island of Mallorca, a holiday that started well but turned into a nightmare that resulted in a life or death situation. Hallucinations Or Reality, you the readers have to decide and pray this never happens to you.

ISBN 978-1-78612-152-3

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Michael C. Richards started his working life alongside fellow dockers at the infamous Tiger Bay in Cardiff. He was seen as management material from an early age, meaning he could sort out the shop floor before a major brawl or a full-scale riot broke out.

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The Evil Alien Carrot:

This is adorable! Handwritten & with a wonderful young imagination.

Bookworm, November 2019
Amazon, Paperback

The Evil Alien Carrot:

What a fab book, I really enjoyed reading it to my 9 year old.

S A Durrant, November 2019
Amazon, Paperback

The Evil Alien Carrot:

Lovely little story from a very clever little girl.

Lee Richards, November 2019
Amazon, Paperback

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NEWS FLASH: My Two Sisters, a true trilogy of living life with death. It will both comfort you and shock you at the same time. It answers some of the questions raised in Hallucinations Or Reality. Coming soon.

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