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Hallucinations Or Reality

Sanity, insanity, madness. Less than 200 years ago I would have been burnt at the stake for being a witch or warlock. The shear fact that I was kept alive to write this book is a miracle in itself and shows how far medical science has come from those black days of ritual offerings. This is a true story based on the Island of Mallorca, a holiday that started well but turned into a nightmare that resulted in a life or death situation. Hallucinations Or Reality, you the readers have to decide and pray this never happens to you.

ISBN 978-1-78612-152-3

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Michael C. Richards started his working life alongside fellow dockers at the infamous Tiger Bay in Cardiff. He was seen as management material from an early age, meaning he could sort out the shop floor before a major brawl or a full-scale riot broke out.

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A Killer In Manila:

Really enjoyed this novel as a rugby fan who has been on tour all over the world. Mike Richards obviously knows Rugby and Asia well, and has crafted an excellent thriller which I couldn’t put down – so much so that I cancelled a dinner engagement to finish it. Some great characters, and really hope to see more crime thrillers from this exciting newcomer in the near future. Highly recommended!!

Rob Heginbotham, April 2019
Amazon, Paperback

Hallucinations Or Reality:

Really enjoyed reading this book, simply could not put it down and finished within 2 days… it’s a very interesting true story, so beautifully and sincerely written.. at the end you have to leave freedom to your imagination, as not all the answers are there.

Free Spirit, January 2019
Amazon, Paperback

Hallucinations Or Reality:

I devoured this book in two great big enjoyable chunks. The author writes with such honesty and depth that you feel you are experiencing both his hallucinations and his reality first hand. I believe in angels and Mike’s account of what happened before and during his illness makes my belief all the more stronger. A big shout out to this wife, Pat for being so brave. I felt the warmth of the family fly off of the pages too. Well done Mike. I shall be looking out for more of this author’s books for sure.

Nicola May, No: 1 Amazon Female Author, January 2019
Amazon, Kindle Edition

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NEWS FLASH: My Two Sisters, a true trilogy of living life with death. It will both comfort you and shock you at the same time. It answers some of the questions raised in Hallucinations Or Reality. Coming soon.

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